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Friends of Music Concert Details

69th Annual Candlelight & Carols

Saturday, December 14 at 7:30 p.m.
Free Admission ~ Voluntary offering

A Pasadena Tradition for the Whole Family! The choirs of Pasadena Presbyterian Church present sacred and secular music of the Christmas season, accompanied by flute, oboe, harp, percussion, piano, and the church's magnificent pipe organ. The program includes audience singing of Christmas carols.


  • Christmas Carols sung by the choirs and the audience
  • Butler: A Christmas Handbell Suite
  • Carr, arr.: Carol of the Birds
  • Chilcott: On Christmas Night
  • Chilcott: Where Riches Is Everlastingly
  • Larsen: The Shepherds All Are Waking
  • Reeves, arr.:Go Tell It on the Mountain
  • Shafferman: Christmas Peace Canon
  • Rutter: The Wood Carol
  • Warrell: A Merry Christmas


  • Kirk Choir
  • Trinity Choir
  • Carol Choir
  • Rainbow Choir
  • Pasadena Singers
  • Timothy Howard
  • Adrian Estabrook
  • Vena Luthey
  • Nora de la Torre
  • Ho Chu
  • Meaghan King


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